What Diet Should I Start?

Paleo? Whole 30? High Carb? Low Carb? Do I need a diet?

I get asked a lot from clients what the best diet is for them. The answer to that question is really tough because more than likely when you say “diet” you’re thinking of their version of diet. You’re thinking Beach Body, Weight Watchers, Whole 30, The Plan, etc.

I will say there’s nothing wrong with those diets, however, it’s not what I think of when I think diet.

The definition of a diet is literally: the foods that you put in your mouth. Nothing more, nothing less. Nowadays when we think diet, we think restriction. We think no carbs, no sugar, only fruits and veggies, all the boring stuff.

Here’s the thing: diets aren’t inherently bad for you. You can absolutely use one of the diets I mentioned (or one of the hundreds of other diets), but make sure that you’re using the diet correctly. These diets and nutrition programs are not meant to be used forever. They’re simply not sustainable for the rest of your life.

How should you be using nutrition programs?

Nutrition programs (diets) are less about just the weight loss, and more about what the program does for your system. Consider the weight loss an added bonus, rather than the end result or goal of the program.

Here a few ways you can use a diet beyond weight weight loss:
A reset to your system that will help to kickstart your metabolism again
As an introduction to more whole foods
As a way to find intolerances to foods

Here’s the catch: you shouldn’t be using these diets for more than 3 months. Once your 90 days is up—you move on. It doesn’t mean you can’t go back to it, but you shouldn’t be on it forever.

So what kind of diet should you start with?

My goal is always to get my clients to:

  • 3-5 meals a day, making sure that you get each of the food groups (carbs, protein, fat, veggies {and fruit}) and then we go from there.
  • Focus on protein: most of us aren’t getting enough, so have protein with every meal.
  • Consume mostly whole foods (unprocessed).
  • Drink plenty of water, shoot for have your bodyweight in ounces.
  • Eat food! It’s often assumed that you’re eating too much, but generally it’s that you’re not enough real food.

And remember this: food is supposed to be fun! If you feel like it’s a struggle and all you are is frustrated, then reach out and let’s chat. I’d love to help!

Still not quite sure where to start? Here is my go-to grocery list to get you get started! You can also find my top 5 tips for a stress-free grocery trip to take the guesswork out of shopping.

Shine Bright!

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