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Since the pandemic began, people are working out at home more than ever. Here are two tried and true ways to increase the difficulty of at-home workouts without having to buy more weights. As beneficial as it can be to workout at home; it does come with some downsides. Particularly that of not having as […]

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Shorten your workout by increasing the efficiency of your workouts. Get more done in less time. We don’t always have an hour or more to spend in the gym – and maybe you don’t want to! It’s very easy to shorten your workouts without sacrificing intensity or results. You want to be able to get […]

Understand the why and how behind your program and start designing your own program! Fitness programming at it’s core is quite simple. Today we’re going to cover the ins and outs of programming, and how to make it easy! FOUNDATIONAL MOVEMENTS: There are 5 main movements patterns that we want to incorporate into our gym […]

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It is my goal to be the last you'll need to hire. At The Shine Method, we break down the barriers of following the status quo when it comes to health and fitness and instead focus on finding an alternative that works for you. You aren't cookie cutter and your program shouldn't be either.

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