Setting Non-Scale Related Goals

There’s nothing wrong with setting a goal to lose weight or feel better in your body, but it’s also great to set non-scale related goals in addition!

When it comes to setting goals, usually the first thing we think of weight loss. I’m not here to tell you that you shouldn’t set a weight loss goal – that’s totally up to you and totally wonderful if that’s what you want! It’s also a great idea to take the time to set goals outside of the scale. This gives you more to work towards and takes the pressure off of feeing like a failure if you aren’t successful in your weight loss goal right away.

Here are five of my favorite categories for setting non-scale related goals:


Financial goals are great because as much as we hate to admit it…money makes the world go ’round. Take this year to really nail down a savings strategy, a budget, or to work towards something fun this year.


Have you been missing your friends? Want to spend more quality time with the people you love? Set a goal to see a friend (IRL or virtually!) once a month. Another great social goal is to set boundaries for yourself. Find ways to give yourself more freedom and time to yourself rather than always giving it to everyone else.


Mental health has always been extremely important when it comes to your health, but now more than ever we need to really prioritize it. This could be the year you really take a step in the direction of putting your mental health first. This can look like seeing a therapist, setting boundaries (as mentioned above) or even working on meditating for a few minutes a day. Protect that mind, girl!

4: FUN

What are you going to do this year for fun? Set a non-scale related goal with the intention of doing what you love. What hobbies have you been pushing off to the side? It might be time to grab that yarn and get back to knitting baby blankets! Find something creative that used to bring you life and go for it!


Yes, we’ve been talking about setting non-scale related goals, and although this is health and fitness related, it isn’t related to the scale. Setting a performance goal is an amazing alternative (or addition to) a weight-loss goal. What would you like to accomplish this year when it comes to fitness? Your first pull-up? A handstand? Squatting your bodyweight? Set a performance goal that you can work towards that is connected to all the hard work you’re putting in at the gym!

Setting goals can always be hard and sometimes overwhelming, I hope the options above can give you a little inspiration if you’re hoping to set a non-scale related goal this year OR if you’re trying to find something else to work towards.

I’d love for you to share your goal with me below or feel free to tag me on Instagram as you work on setting and accomplishing your goal!

Shine Bright,

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