-60 minute initial consultation
-30 minute weekly check-in (optional)
-Fitness* + nutrition program included
-Workbooks and resources available for download
-Online portal for program delivery

*The fitness portion of this program is completely online

The big cahuna - tackle your health from every direction with this fully integrated coaching tier.

investment of $939

What you get:

Premium I: Health, Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

-60 minute initial consultation
-30 minute weekly check-in (optional)
-Nutrition program based on health assessment and goals
-Workbooks and resources available for download
-Online portal for program delivery

Gain the knowledge and insight to improve your overall health and focus on your nutrition.

group coaching with 10 other amazing women

Premium II: Health & Nutrition Coaching

$249 a month or $669 paid in full

What you get:

-3 month membership
-Fitness program ONLY* (no health or nutrition)
-Up to 6 days in the gym
-Personalized program based on performance goals, mobility assessment, equipment accessibility, time availability
-Weekly check-in & form analysis
-Workout delivered via client portal (TrueCoach)

*Please note: this program is completely online

what you get:

Personalized fitness program written for your lifestyle, schedule and goals.

$149 a month or $399 paid in full

Plus: Fitness Coaching

Finding time to balance it all - work, cooking, errands, family. You feel like something's gotta give. 

Taking all of the information you've gathered from Google, Instagram, Pinterest and beyond and figuring out what to do next. 

Sticking to a plan. You don't want to start and stop again - you're ready to make it stick.

My programs are for you if you struggle with...

Common results you may expect from coaching...

Finding happiness and health without having to sacrifice what you enjoy. 

Gaining the knowledge to take information and apply it in a way that works for you and your lifestyle, and the ability to adjust when needed. 

An action plan created for you and your goals that you can apply immediately

apply today

At The Shine Method, I believe that longterm success depends on more than following a program and being told what to do. I believe that it is through education and guidance that you learn the tools and resources to not only reach success in your health goals, but instill the ability to continue your journey on your own. 

It is my mission to be the last coach you'll ever hire.

Let's get started!

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