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Alternatives to Meal Prepping

Are you opting out of meal prepping because it’s not working for you? Find your perfect alternatives to meal prepping below!

I always ask my clients whether or not they have any experience with meal prepping, both to find out if they’ve ever done it or not and also to find out what they assumed meal prepping means.

The assumption is that in order to successfully be a meal-prepper you must cook all of your food ahead of time, measure out each ingredient and evenly distribute them into the your Tupperware for future eating. What if it didn’t have to look like that, what if there were alternatives to meal prepping?

Not everyone has the time to cook all of their meals ahead of time. Not everyone loves to eat the same two meals all week. Some people actually enjoy cooking dinner every night but simply don’t like the prep.

Let’s look at some alternatives to meal prepping.

Food Prepping

WHAT IT MEANS: Prepping all of your food ingredients for either easy access or for future cooking.
WHAT IT CAN LOOK LIKE: Cleaning and slicing green peppers for quick snacks or washing and taking your grapes off the stem. It can also look like prepping all of your ingredients for your meals for the week by chopping anything that you’ll use and putting them aside. Now when you cook dinner at night, you’re saving yourself the prep time because all of it is ready to go.
WHO IT’S FOR: People who have a hard time reaching for the better snack option and those who enjoy cooking, but don’t like the amount of time it takes to actually get to the cooking.

Meal Prepping

WHAT IT MEANS: Cooking your meals ahead of time so that you can take it out of the fridge and heat up.
WHAT IT CAN LOOK LIKE: Choosing and cooking a few meals and setting them up for use during the week. It can also look like prepping your protein, veggies and carbs ahead of time and choosing what meals you’d like to mix and match.
WHO IT’S FOR: People who want the most easy and accessibility when it’s time to eat. This person also doesn’t necessarily care if they eat either the same food or pre-determined meals for the week.

Buy Frozen

WHAT IT MEANS: There is nothing wrong with buying frozen! Food is food, if this works for you, do it!
WHAT IT CAN LOOK LIKE: You can easily buy your entire meals frozen and simply heat them up when you’re ready. Here’s what I always have in the freezer at home.
WHO IT’S FOR: People who prefer to have options, want accessibility and also want to decrease their grocery spending.

Bulk Ordering // Meal Services

WHAT IT MEANS: Getting your meals delivered and ready to eat.
WHAT IT CAN LOOK LIKE: There are a lot of meal services that will delivered fully cooked meals at the ready. A lot of these services also allow you to purchase cooked protein, veggies or even starches so that you don’t have to do any of the cooking at all.
WHO IT’S FOR: People who want better options but don’t have the time, the desire or the patience to cook.

As you can see, there are other options besides doing all of the cooking at once, have few options of actual meals or having to cook at all! The options are truly limited, and it’s really about figuring out what aspect of cooking that you don’t enjoy or that you want more convenience with and making it easier!

New to prepping and not sure where to start? Use these 5 Tips for Stress-Free Grocery Shopping to make your next trip a breeze!

What does prepping look like for you? Let me know below! You can always find more tips at my Instagram as well @cait.haugen – come say hi!

xo, Cait

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