After spending years as an athlete, a shoulder injury finally benched me and after recovering I found myself in the gym by myself for the first time...ever. After countless trainers, programs and hours wasted on Pinterest, this led me pursuing a certification in personal training. I found myself educating my clients on not only the ins and outs of fitness, but also on managing stress, nutrition and overall wellness.

I’m a strength, health and nutrition coach • business owner • mom wife • enneagram 9 • introvert. I love owls, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, and traveling.

I'm Cait

Hey there!

I'm here to equip you with the tools and the mindset to get you out of the overwhelmed funk.

Health, nutrition and fitness coaching for women looking to build
a more simple, healthy lifestyle.

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Fun facts!

My favorite weekend activity

Playing outside with my daughter, husband & puppy

a hobby that i love

Going to Dave Matthews Band concerts

my go-to vacation getaway

Anywhere with good food and delightful cocktails! 

things I enjoy

Reese's PB Cups



words to live by

"You may only quit after you've done it to the best of your ability and you've decided to quit. Don't let it decide for you. Otherwise it's not quitting, it's failing."

I loved working with my personal training clients by helping them better their lives through fitness. I quickly realized though that there was more to their health than fitness, and I was determined to help them through it.

I chose to pursue certifications in health coaching, multiple certifications in nutrition, and a specialty in pre and postnatal fitness to be able to work with clients in every way.

My goal as your coach is to show up for you and be your support system. I want to deliver a truly personalized program that is designed specifically for you. We're in this together!

After two years of wasting money on fitness programs and useless personal trainers. I wanted to do better for others looking to improve their lives through fitness, so I bought a CPT course and a business license and The Shine Method was born.

why i am here

My Story

I'm not the coach who simply tells you what to do and expects you to follow suit. I am, however, the coach who wants (and expects!) you to actively participate in your programming. You get a is your life after all! I am your co-pilot, but you run the show.

It isn't about what I want for you; it's about what you want for yourself.

After I had shoulder surgery I found myself in the gym for the very first time on my own. I was a total gym rat and spent years as multi-sport athlete, but I walked into the gym like a deer in headlights. I hired a personal trainer to help dim the lights and hated it - he was late, wrote my programs on the spot and was looking around 99% of our session. 

There is more to coaching than delivering a program. It's about being on your team and working together. It's about being invested in your health and your journey. That's what makes The Shine Method different from your typical coach.

I'll be the first one to give you swift kick in the butt when you need it. I'll also be the first one to give you a big hug when you need it.

uh yesss!

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There's no curriculum here. We focus on what you need, what you want to accomplish and what you're struggling with at the moment - which can change from day to day (and that's okay!)

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I take on a small number of clients at a time, so I need to make sure that we'll work well together. If we're a good fit we'll get started right away!


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3 steps to a less chaotic, more enjoyable morning

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